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Meltem has birtday!!! * Η Μέλτεμ έχει γενέθλια!!!

Yesterday, Meltem had birthday and an other great opportunity for one more party appeared (as you have perhaps already realised we don't need too many reasons for a party here in Koszalin, and of course birthday IS a reason!!!).

In the morning she prepared sweets that shared with all the people of our association during the breakfast time, when gifts were exchanged.

Later in the afternoon we (girls and me, I mean) went to "Villagio", a pizzeria-restaurant here in Koszalin and then to the pub "Graal", where we met "our Polish parents" and some other friends to celebrate the day.

Happy, Purple and Sexy Birthday, Meltem!!!


WhiTeRaN, welcome to the Jungle of the Blogs * Άσπρε Ραν, καλωσόρισες στο Δάσος των Ιστολογίων

Manolis Apladenakis, the Scout County Commissionner for Heraklion, also known with the nickname WhiTeRaN (from The Jungle Book), is since the last two days a new blogger.

His weblog, "..The Land of Thoughts..." (available mainly in the Hellenic (Greek) language) invites us to a journey of thoughts about Scouting, youth and life.

Welcome to the Jungle of the Blogs, WhiTeRaN, and don't forget:
"We be of one blood, ye and I..."

Ο Μανώλης ο Απλαδενάκης, ο Περιφερειακός Έφορος Προσκόπων Ηρακλείου, γνωστός επίσης με το Προσκοπικό όνομα WhiTeRaN (Άσπρος Ραν, από Το Βιβλίο της Ζούγκλας), είνε εδώ και δύο μέρες ένας νέος ιστολόγος.

Το ιστολόγιό του, "..The Land of Thoughts..." (Η Χώρα των Σκέψεων, γραμμένο κυρίως στην Ελληνική γλώσσα) μας προσκαλεί σ' ένα ταξείδι σκέψεων για τον Προσκοπισμό, την νεολαία και την ζωή.

Καλωσόρισες στο Δάσος των Ιστολογίων, Άσπρε Ραν, και μην ξεχνάς:
"Είμαστε απ' το ίδιο αίμα, εσύ και 'γώ..."


An interesting Blog * Ένα ενδιαφέρον Ιστολόγιο

"art for more" is a quite interesting blog about a Future Capital Project of the European Commission YOUTH Programme which is realised by Isabel and Miranda, two ex-EVS Volunteers in Athens, Hellas (Greece).

Through this Project Isabel and Miranda organise "Creative workshops for 'special' people in Athens".

It really woths to visit it!!!


"Tata" has birthday!!! * Ο "Μπαμπάς" έχει γενέθλια!!!

On Wednesday, May 16th, our "Polish dad" ("tata"), Marcin, had birthday. That means a great opportunity for a party appeared!!!

So, today we went to Piwiarnia Warka (Warka Beer Pub), one of the newest and best pubs in Koszalin. Enjoy the photos!!!

As you can see a lot of people were there...

...and of course a lot of beer!!!

If I like piwo (beer)? Of course I do!!! You, don't???

Dad, all that beer is for you??? Be aware of the effects!!!

What effects??? These ones, of course!!!


We did it!!! * Τα καταφέραμε!!!

In my previous post I wrote that we were preparing a theatre play, based on the Hellenic (Greek) Mythology, to be presented in a Meeting of the Annexes of my Hosting Organisation in Mikołajki.

What I didn't write, because I didn't know, was than the Meeting was actually a competition!!! The 5th National Polish Competition on Theatric Arts for Mentally Disabled People.

So, we wen't to Mikołajki, we presented the play and we got the Second (2nd) Prize!!! A Prize that we had to share with the 2nd Workshop of Koszalin (WTZ-2), that presented a play about the Holocaust.

Following are some photos from the play. Good job, don't you think so??

Here are also some photos from the 5-stars (!!!) Hotel Gołębiewski, where we stayed. Any comments???

And the Church of Święta Lipka, near Mikołajki, where we spent our first night and where we went for an Organ Concert./div>


Theseus and the Minotaur travel to Poland!!! * Ο Θησεύς και ο Μινώταυρος ταξιδεύουν στην Πολωνία!!!

There's no doubt that, if you are a Hellen (Greek), you do know the Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. If not, then you can visit Wikipedia, to learn more.

Why am I writing all this??? Because, nowadays, Theseus and the Minotaur are visiting Poland!!!

What that means??? Simply, in my Hosting Organisation we are preparing a theatre play based on that myth!!!

The play will be presented next week at a meeting of all the Annexes and Workshops of the Association, that will be held in Mikołajki, in Masury Lakes, on the occasion of the Day of the Dignity of the Mentally Disabled People.

The need to create a kind of presentation for the meeting, on one hand, and the request of the Hosting Organisation, expressed by both my Director and Mentor, that elements of my culture to be presented in the Project, on the other hand, gave birth to the idea of this drama play.

The preparations started some weeks ago, just after my return to Koszalin from Toruń and I think everything is going great. Following you can see some photos from the preparations: