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I blog for Trust! * Ιστολογώ για την Εμπιστοσύνη

When, some time ago, I posted about the Anna Lindh Foundation Euro-Med Bloggers Training on Intercultural Dialogue, I had no doubts that such an innovative project would be more than interesting. Furthermore, taking as granted that I'm not any influential Blogger, I had no doubts that I couldn't participate to...

I was wrong! Shortly after having expressed my interest for participating, I received an invitation by the ALF and last Sunday I flew to Luxembourg!

The training was held in the Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, a really nice place combining natural, spiritual and cultural beauty. The main activities were on Monday, 27th, and Tuesday, 28th of July, 2009, and gave the opportunity to the some twenty participants to explore the paths of the Intercultural Dialogue and to search for new ways of using blogs, podcasts and social networking for promoting the Dialogue between Cultures.

This pilot activity was organised in the framework of the "Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges" Campaign, which aims, through civil society actions, to promote the Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Med area and to facilitate the Peace process in the Middle East. As Mr. Andreu Claret, Executive Director of the ALF, stressed, that was the first in a series of events in which Bloggers will be invited, as it is the intention of the Foundation to gather at least 43 Bloggers from the 43 Countries of the Union for the Mediterranean in every one of its major activities.

From now on, the blogs, podcasts and social networks represented in the training will be listed, via feeds, in the new list "Bloggers for Trust", located in the upper right corner of this blog of mine. So, you can have a look on them!!!

Last but not least: I have to thank Suchithra, Satish and Anto, my colleagues in the Aretaeio Hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus, who accepted to exchange some of our working shifts and Andreas, my Head Nurse, who approved these changes, giving me the opportunity to gain such a great experience.

So, I'm Michail, I'm a Greek from Crete, I live in Cyprus, and I blog for Trust!

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