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Welcome to Koszalin!!! * Καλωσορίσατε στο Κοσάλιν!!!

Koszalin, the capital of Middle Pomerania, is a small and quite quiet city of some 110,000 inhabitants in the north - west part of Poland, near the Baltic Sea (at around 4km in a straight line).

The city covers 83 km2 of picturesque land and is crossed by the river Dzierzecinka. Because of that, it's a genuine oasis of nature. Almost 40% of its total area consists of parks, forests and green grounds. Near the city centre is located the Chelmska Hill, which is 137m high and is covered by a forest.

The city is also near to the Jamno lake, that one has to go round one of its banks to reach the seaside (but that's really easy) and during the summer the nearby beaches are always crowded.

Moreover, there are two seaports near Koszalin, where one can also cross the border: Kołobrzeg (45km from Koszalin) and Darlowo (30km from Koszalin). Additionally, Koszalin is located in the route that connects Berlin with Kallinigrand. These two facts are crucial for the tourist and economic development of the city.

The city also plays the role of the main cultural centre of the region. One can find here a number of professional institutions of culture, as the Regional Museum, the Jamno Culture Open-Air Museum, the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Baltic Theatre of Drama, the "Dialogue" Proposal Theatre, the Municipal Centre of Culture. Their activity is complemented by dance groups, choirs and galleries.

To conclude, I'd like to share with you a quite impressive (at least for me) piece of information. In the main square of Koszalin, just in front of the City Hall, is located the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the city. Just a few meters on the eastern part of the square is located the Orthodox Church and a few meters in the south-east the Evangelic Protestant Chapel. Three different Churches, of the three main Christian dogmas, located in the same area!


Wanted (Alive)!!! * Καταζητούνται (Ζωντανοί)!!!

Today morning I received this picture from my Co-ordinating Organisation in Poland, Europa Młodych.

Now I know with whom I'm going to spent the next 6 months of my life!!! What do you think???Posted by Picasa