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Managing Adult Resources Network Meeting

A first of its kind Meeting of the Managing Adult Resources Network of the European Scout Region was held in the «Saint Andrew's» Scout Centre in Athens, Hellas (Greece), September 4 th – 7 th , 2008.

The Meeting, organised by the World Organization of the Scout Movement – European Scout Region (World Scout Bureau – European Regional Office) and the Soma Hellinon Proskopon (Scouts of Greece) – International Department, attended twenty six (26) Scout Leaders, active in the field of Adult Resources, from (14) Scout Organisations ( S.G.V., C.S.A. , G.S.F., S.H.P., B.I.S., A.G.E.S.C.I., S.N., C.N.E., O.N.C.R., W.S.B.–E.R.O., A.S.D.E., S.S.F., S.S.R., T.S.A.) and (13) countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Hellas–Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).

The participants had the opportunity to deal with hot topics in nowadays Scouting, such as:

  1. Management, Leadership and Coaching.

  2. The Leader's Life Cycle in Scouting.

  3. How to get right people to the right job.

  4. How to balance personal and Scout life for Leaders.

  5. How to establish and use the internal training in the local Scout Group.

  6. Planned Change of Leadership.

  7. What's the benefit for the Leader after being a Scout.

  8. Resources for Managing Adult Resources in the Scout Movement and broadly.