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Kandersteg '99

A great experience!!! A whole week in the Swiss Aples. A project organised by the Scouts of Heraklion at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland.

I was there, co-ordinator of the communication group of the organising team, together with some really great friends from Crete -Apostolis, Manolis, Maria, Marios, Michalis, Maria, Dimitris, to name few of them, but we also had the opportunity to crate new friendships from all over Europe and the rest of the world - I still remember a Scout Leader from Australia that we exchanged our Scout scarfs.

If you are a Scout, listen to me: Take the chance, live experiences like this one.
If you are a Scout Leader, listen to my advise: Offer experiences like that to "your" kids.
If you are just a young person, looking for great adventures, just one thing for you: search, be informed, catch the opportunities; there are a lot of them out there; and -why not?- join the Scout Movement!!!

p.s.: Of course, this blog didn't exist on January 1999. But I decided to publish all posts on their "original" date, meaning a date close to the described event.